Commercial advisors to the public, iwi and community sectors

Commercial modelling and business planning

Federated Farmers operational review

Federated Farmers needed to balance its advocacy roles with its business activities
and reflect changes in the agricultural sector. We collaborated with NetworkPR to review operations and strategy across the organisation. The result was a management restructure, a viable long-term business strategy and a range of process and financial improvements.

Tourism New Zealand planning advice

The financial crisis of 2008/9 resulted in major changes to tourism patterns, with the shock in Europe far greater than in Asia. Tourism New Zealand asked us to work alongside them to realign their business plans and performance measures in response to these swiftly changing global market conditions.

Fiji Procurement Office

A move to decentralise procurement and streamline processes to improve efficiency resulted in the establishment of the Fiji Procurement Office. We established the structure for the new organisation, identified competency requirements and reviewed and updated processes.

Port Stadium

The Ministry of Economic Development asked us to work with the Ports of Auckland to investigate the feasibility of locating a world-class stadium on a waterfront site in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The result gave understanding of the costs,  the implications for export industries currently based on the Port, and practicalities of construction in the tight timeframe.

Wellington City Council Social Housing

Public housing often involves a complex mix of social and financial objectives. We developed models to assess various redevelopment options for Wellington City Council’s $200m social housing portfolio. It allowed the Council to understand how different redevelopments meet future social needs.

Formation of Council Controlled Property Operation

Hutt City Council had long believed that more commercial property operations could result in greater income and better community delivery. We worked with them to model a proposal for a commercial property operation, led this through public consultation and then worked to form the new entity. The result was a stand-alone council controlled property company, up and running within six months of the final Council decision.

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