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Public Policy

Building Consent Authorities Accreditation

Changes to the Building Act presented challenges to local authorities to establish processes and gain accreditation. We have worked with sixteen Councils on their business processes for achieving accreditation.

Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy

Changes in the Building Act also meant changed expectations of the seismic performance of Buildings. We assisted Wellington City Council to develop its policy, focusing on the timing of strengthening requirements.

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

We provided policy implementation management for the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme.   The Emissions Trading Group was an across-government team sponsored by The Treasury and the Ministry for the Environment to establish and implement the policy for emissions trading within New Zealand as part of New Zealand’s commitment under the Kyoto Protocol.  Our role involved working with the Ministry for the Environment, The Treasury, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Transport and others to establish the all-of-government structures to deliver an operational ETS. Deliverables included an Emissions Unit Registry and the regulations, structures, systems and processes and information and communications channels to enable those sectors affected by the ETS to understand their obligations, submit returns and obtain carbon credits.

Streamlining the Building Act

As part of the review of the Building Act 2004, we worked within the Department of Building and Housing on options for streamlining the consents process to improve consistency of decision-making and efficiency of processing and delivery across the country.  Our work also considered how these requirements could be delivered.

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