Commercial advisors to the public, iwi and community sectors

Public Policy

Trading of radio spectrum to support rural connectivity.

In 2021 – 22 I assisted MBIE to reach agreement in principle with the three mobile network operators to trade the value of the 3.5 Gigahertz radio spectrum (supporting the rollout of 5G communications) for increased pace and penetration of mobile services deployment.

Assessment of market trading measures and a portfolio of other solutions to address the dry year problem facing the NZ electricity sector.

in 2022 I assisted MBIE’s preparation of briefing papers assessing dry year solutions beyond the proposal for pumped hydro at Lake Onslow.

Investment in Northland rail

In 2018 -19 I managed oversight of the Ministry of Transport’s engagement of consultants preparing the business case for investment in the North Auckland Line.

Shift of the Ports of Auckland as part of the Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy

In 2019 – 20 I managed the Ministry of Transport’s further assessment of an Independent Working Group’s recommendation to relocate Ports of Auckland’s freight functions.

Business case for heavier and longer trucks on NZ roads (HPMVs)

In 2009 I developed a case study of the Auckland / Waikato / Bay of Plenty areas to assess the possible benefits of proposed high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) rules. These rules allow heavier and longer vehicles on NZ roads under permit conditions. In 2011, 2013 and 2016 we came back and monitored for the Ministry of Transport the emerging costs and benefits of the new regime.

Better Business Case (BBC) for 50MAX heavy vehicles

In 2012 I provided a “Better Business Case” for the 50MAX heavy vehicle initiative. 50 tonne operation provides a 20% efficiency gain along with extensive State highway and local road access. We wrote a Better Business Case (BBC) format report for the NZ Transport Agency assessing likely industry uptake along with pavement and bridge impacts.

Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy

Changes in the Building Act also meant changed expectations of the seismic performance of Buildings. I assisted Wellington City Council to develop its policy, focusing on the timing of strengthening requirements.


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